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Hello, I am Simon Chuu!

I am a programmer and digital artist. I like programming and troubleshooting, and I can do those at ease. I like to draw and animate motion graphics, but sometimes, I perfer myself just designing websites.

This website is just a tad bit featureless.

Coding and Engineering

I am currently attending a college to get a degree in Computer Engineering.

I am able to develop programs in Java. I learned how to program in Java by learning how to code Minecraft Bukkit/Spigot plugins. I've largely contributed to Arcane Survival for customized, server-specific Spigot plugins.

I am experienced in programming using JavaScript, PHP, and Java languages. Check out my GitHub page which contains strictly HTML/CSS/JS code demonstrations.

I can contribute to codes written for Node.js as it is very similar to JavaScript. I've contributed to the Agario community by providing some code for Ogar and MultiOgar project.


I can make cool stuff with Adobe After Effects. You can visit my page on YouTube to see some video editing I do.

I can draw, but my published art is currently limited to My Little Pony fanart. My gallary is on DeviantART for anyone interested.

Server Management

I like to play Minecraft. I am administrating the Arcane Survival Minecraft server by writing my own plugins and keeping other plugins updated. I am also experienced in server moderation.

My Work


Links to media (I guess)